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Christine Charest
Christine Charest
Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

about me

Welcome! My name is Christine Charest, and I am passionate about helping people connect with their true essence and tap into their zest for life.  I do this by helping them develop a meditation practice they love.  Through the practice of deep listening and holding space, we co-create the meditation techniques that uniquely help them to heal, grow, and thrive in all areas of their lives.  


As people connect with their instinctive wisdom on a regular basis, they build emotional resilience, their appreciation for life’s inherent joys multiplies, and they deepen the quality of their interactions with others.  Guiding this journey for another human being is a tremendous honor and I love witnessing their love for life grow over time.

"meditation classes with
Chris changed my life"

"Taking private meditation classes with Chris changed my life. I was struggling with anxiety and stress, but after just a few sessions, I felt more calm and centered. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine."

Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

Group Classes

Join us each Monday night for 

Meditation & Movement Sessions.

TIME: Mondays 6-7 pm (Free to all)

LOCATION: Triangle Club, 120 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820

INFO: No sign-up necessary, wear comfy clothes and bring a water bottle (Mats, straps, and blocks provided)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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