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  • What is Instinctive Meditation®?
    Instinctive Meditation® is a simple and accessible meditation practice that teaches individuals how to connect with their inner self and cultivate inner peace.
  • Do you need to ascribe to a set of beliefs to practice Instinctive Meditation®?
    The practice of Instinctive Meditation® is not dependent on any specific belief system or religion. It is a secular practice that is accessible to anyone regardless of their religious or spiritual background. Whether you are atheist, agnostic, or have a particular faith, you can benefit from the simple and accessible techniques of Instinctive Meditation®. It's also worth noting that no prior experience or knowledge of yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Sanskrit is required to understand and benefit from Instinctive Meditation®. While these traditions may inform and inspire the practice of Instinctive Meditation®, they are not prerequisites for learning or practicing this technique.
  • Meditation & Movement Level II - Ride your Rythmns
    This Level II class builds on the foundation of Instinctive Meditation® Principles and further enhances your meditation experience. You will learn to identify and honor your rhythms and more easily flow between your inner and outer awareness. Claim your own personalized energizing meditation and movement practice and ride the waves of life with greater ease! Refine and further customize your meditation practice. Learn to collaborate with the unique rhythms of your own life and further integrate your chosen embodied meditation practices.
  • Find your Flow
    This introductory class explores various embodied meditation practices and helps you begin to identify your preferred methods of meditating and accessing your body’s natural healing/restorative state. Come find your bliss! (No prior meditation experience necessary). Learn the principles of Instinctive Meditation® in which there is no need to sit still, close your eyes or empty your head. Let your body and mind enjoy its own unique and natural fluidity.
  • Does Instinctive Meditation® need to be done in a seated position, such as the yoga lotus posture?
    Instinctive Meditation® can be practiced in a variety of positions and settings. It is not limited to the traditional seated lotus posture used in yoga. You can practice Instinctive Meditation® while sitting, standing, walking, swimming, hiking, gardening, or even while listening to music. This versatile practice can be performed with your eyes open or closed and can be done either alone or with a group of like-minded individuals.
  • Can I practice Instinctive Meditation® anywhere?
    Yes, you can practice Instinctive Meditation® anywhere that you feel comfortable and at ease. It can be practiced sitting, standing, walking, or even while engaging in daily activities like gardening or listening to music.
  • Do I need to have prior meditation experience to benefit from Instinctive Meditation®?
    No, prior meditation experience is not required to benefit from Instinctive Meditation®. The practice is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.
  • What is the Movement & Meditation Intro Class
    Movement & Meditation Intro Class - Find your Flow Tuesday $100 per 6-week class or $150 for any two 6-week classes signed up for at one time. Held at The Movement Market - Kittery, ME Join Tuesday Nights 5-6pm Sept 5 - Oct 10th, 2023
  • Can you explain Gentle Yoga/Pilates?
    A gentle mix of Kripalu-style Yoga and Stott Pilates that includes a combination of both vinyasa flow, static asanas (postures), and Stott Pilates strengthening moves. Harder strengthening options and easier modifications are offered to accommodate both advanced and beginner-level participants.
  • What is Yoga Nidra?
    A peaceful and restorative yoga practice that explores holding rejuvenating postures more deeply and invites the body into a more meditative state for a complete mind-body reset. Guided meditations and/or Instinctive Meditation® inquiries may also be offered.
  • What services do you offer?
    Instinctive Wisdom Services offered: Private Meditation Coaching Sessions Group Meditation and Movement Classes Special Community Meditation & Movement Events
  • What tools do you recommend?
    Time for You Tools: Mandalas, The Radiance Sutras, Essential Oils, Yoga Mat The Radiance Sutras is a lively and powerful rendition of the ancient meditation text, called the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This cherished text was passed down orally for many years before being written down in Kashmir around 800 AD. The classic text details a huge range of human experiences that can serve as doorways for entering a meditative state. Dr. Lorin Roche’s interpretation brings his unique perspective into each of the 112 Sanskrit teachings detailing how to meditate with, embody, practice, and savor each of them. The text is for all people seeking deep richness in their lives in both their inner and outer worlds.
  • Mind-Body-Soul Mashup
    A joyful invigorating and ever-changing workout for the mind, body and soul. A great way to keep your head and heart active and feeling aligned throughout the week. Enjoy a fun mix of Pilates, Tai Chi, Strength training, Cardio, Dance, Stretching and Instinctive Meditation®. Nourish your whole self!
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