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Welcome to our Testimonials page, where you can discover the inspiring stories and feedback from individuals who have experienced transformative breakthroughs and profound self-discovery through Chrissy Charest's Instinctive Wisdom sessions and classes.

Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

Chrissy's approach to Instinctive Wisdom is rooted in empowering individuals to trust their instincts, tap into their innate wisdom, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Her unique blend of Instinctive Meditation, Mindful Movement, and other mind-body practices has helped countless individuals break free from limiting beliefs, discover their true potential, and live their best life.

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“Chris has a great class working all muscle groups.”

~ Vinnie S.

“Christine’s classes are all awesome.

Well choreographed, with good cues, and a wide variety of exercises/movements with numerous props. I am NEVER bored!!”

~Lee B.

“Christine gives you a real workout and every class is different.”

~ Anne R.

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“I've enjoyed Christine’s classes for years. She is a very dedicated and experienced instructor.”

~ Jill B.

“I have so much fun in Christine’s class - it's like recess time except we are exercising!”

~ Maryse N.

“I loved the tone and having a theme for each session. As someone who is less experienced in meditation, it felt really grounding to have a theme. I also really enjoyed the sound of her voice - it was very soothing for me.”

~ Demri

Testimonials: Testimonials
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