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Unlock the potential of meditation by cultivating compassionate self-awareness.

Christine Charest


Experience the gifts of Instinctive Meditation. Learn how freeing and natural a personalized meditation practice can be.


Explore techniques that fuel your soul’s passions and fit your lifestyle. Enjoy deeper connections with those you love and the world around you.

Christine Charest, Dover, NH


Learn the core principles of Instinctive Meditation and techniques to overcome the stressors of daily living. Find flexible ways to offer yourself sacred self-care. Develop a practice that permits you to rest daily in a grounded, compassionate place. (Level I Class - Find your Flow. Level II Class - Ride your Rhythms)

Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

Movement & Meditation classes

Explore various embodied meditation and movement practices in the community and find your body’s favorite pathways into a restorative/healing state. Learn to ride the waves of life with greater ease. Feel nourished by the rhythms and flow of life. Love your practice and unleash your fullest potential.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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