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Kiyo - Ikaw Lang (Lyrics)

- ikaw lang (Official Music Video)Lyrics: -ikaw-lang-lyricsCOMPOSED BY: KIYOPRODUCED BY: SHORTONEADDITIONAL VOCALS BY: Irish Shane Legaspi, Mariam Joi Dadizon, Alisson Shore, Ekko Dela Peña.DOP AND EDITED BY: LANCELOT & KIYODIRECTED BY: YUKIHIRO RUBIO AND BECAUSEFOLLOW KIYO : @yukihirorubioig: definitelynotkiyoFOLLOW SHORTONE :// @shortone_jeffig: @shortone_jeffFOLLOW LANCELOT -157...FOLLOW BECAUSE -...twitter: @because0801ig: @because0801On frame: Eska Rudica :// @esxrudicafor inquiries and bookings, send email at or contact Ms. Chee Chany,

kiyo - Ikaw Lang (Lyrics)



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