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Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 26 'LINK'

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, considered this his favorite episode of the series.[4][5] Troy Baker, who voices the character in the Lego and Telltale video games and their related cartoon specials, has also claimed this.

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 26

The basis for this episode can be found in the plotline of Detective Comics Volume 1, issue 633 (August, 1991). The elements of Bruce Wayne awakening are altered from the original comic book plot, but many elements including Bruce Wayne's prowess, his purchase and use of a rope and grappling hook, remain preserved in the animated episode.

Perchance to Dream is an episode of the first season of Batman: The Animated Series. It features the return of The Mad Hatter for the second time as the main antagonist since his first appearance in Mad As A Hatter. The episode was heavily inspired by the story "Identity Crisis"; from Detective Comics #633 (1991); written by Peter Milligan.

While Justice League Unlimited was the last regular animated series to air which took place within DCAU continuity, wrapping in 2006, there have since been a host of animated and comic book-based projects since keeping the universe alive. This includes animated features, such as Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, and comic books, including Batman: The Adventures Continue, among other similar releases.

Though what exactly falls under the DCAU banner is occasionally up for debate among fans, the following animated series listed below (and their respective animated movie spin-offs and animated shorts) are considered unequivocally as taking place within the shared universe:

Hey, yes, just watch all of The New Batman Adventures. Wikipedia lists Mad Love as the final episode of that series, but both the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray boxset and the 1998 Batman Animated book list Judgement Day as the final episode of the series (i.e. ep 24).

Hey man, thanks for the guide! It will be useful when I rewatch these series. Quick question, in Static Shock theres an episode in which Virgil goes to the future and meets with Terry and older Bruce from Batman Beyond. Should I watch Batman Beyond first or watch this episode (and the rest of Static Shock) before moving on to Batman Beyond? Have a nice one.

Young Justice is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Cartoon Network. Despite its title, it is not an adaptation of Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck's Young Justice comic series, but rather an adaptation of the entire DC Universe with a focus on young sidekicks. Batman has a small role in the series, however, his sidekick Robin is a main character in the show. Nearly all characters in the series are designed by Phil Bourassa.

Young Justice includes an array of characters from DC Comics as the supporting cast, which will continue to expand throughout the series. As of episode 26 of season 1, there are 135 characters from the DC Universe in the show. The main characters and Batman are listed below in alphabetical order. 041b061a72


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