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Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo

Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo: The Ultimate Guide to Car Tuning

If you are interested in learning how to tune your car's suspension, steering, brakes, and aerodynamics, you might want to check out Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo. This is a book written by F.L. Facchinelli, a renowned Italian engineer and racer, who has over 40 years of experience in the field of car tuning and racing. The book is available in Italian and English, and you can order it online from the publisher's website .

Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo is not just a book, but a complete guide that covers the theory and practice of car tuning. It explains the basic principles of physics and mechanics that govern the behavior of a car, and how to modify them to achieve the best performance. It also provides practical tips and tricks on how to test, measure, and adjust your car's settings, using simple tools and methods. The book covers both road and racing cars, and it is suitable for beginners and experts alike.


Some of the topics that you will find in Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo are:

  • The role of the tires, wheels, and alignment in car tuning.

  • The effects of springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, and ride height on the car's handling.

  • The importance of the steering system, steering geometry, and steering ratio.

  • The function of the brakes, brake balance, and brake bias.

  • The influence of aerodynamics, downforce, drag, and lift on the car's stability and speed.

  • The use of data acquisition systems, telemetry, and sensors to monitor and optimize your car's performance.

Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf Downlo is a book that will teach you how to tune your car like a pro. Whether you want to improve your driving skills, prepare your car for a track day, or compete in a racing championship, this book will give you the knowledge and confidence you need. You will learn how to make your car faster, safer, and more fun to drive. You will also save money by avoiding unnecessary or wrong modifications that can harm your car or compromise its reliability.

If you want to download Facchinelli L Assetto Pdf for free, you have two options: You can visit the official website of Motor Books Tech and order a copy of the book online. Or you can join our newsletter and get access to a free sample chapter of the book. Just fill out the form below and we will send you the link to download the PDF file. You will also receive updates on new books, articles, videos, and events related to car tuning and racing.




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