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We do not have monthly fees or minimum payments, and there are no hidden costs. Instead, the price is unique for every work order you submit. For tutoring and homework help, the price depends on many factors that include the length of the session, level of work difficulty, level of expertise of the tutor, and amount of time available before the deadline. You will be given a price up front and there is no obligation for you to pay. Homework library items have individual set prices.

homework consulting

Our tutors are just as dedicated to your success in class as you are, so they are available around the clock to assist you with questions, homework, exam preparation and any Consulting related assignments you need extra help completing.

The ARP ESSER funding is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and funds are limited. School districts must apply to be eligible. Schedule a consultation today to discuss how you can close the homework gap in your district at no cost to you or your students.

The bidirectional causal relationships between psychotherapy homework (HW) compliance and changes in depression were assessed in 2 groups of depressed outpatients treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy using nonrecursive structural equation modeling techniques. The data were consistent with the hypothesis that HW compliance had a causal effect on changes in depression, and the magnitude of this effect was large. Patients who did the most HW improved much more than patients who did little or no HW. In contrast, depression severity did not appear to influence HW compliance. HW compliance did not appear to be a proxy for any other, unobserved (3rd) variable, such as motivation. Although the causal effect of HW on depression was large, the correlation between HW and depression was small. Some possible explanations, along with suggestions for future studies, are proposed.

Belief in one's ability to change is an important cognitive variable related to treatment gains. This study investigated pretreatment expectancy for anxiety change and early homework compliance in relation to initial and total cognitive change in group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety. Participants, who met diagnostic criteria for at least 1 anxiety disorder, completed 10 sessions of group CBT. Early homework compliance mediated the relationship between expectancy for anxiety change at baseline and initial change in CBT. In addition, initial cognitive symptom improvement mediated the relationship between homework compliance and posttreatment outcome. These results suggest that expectancy for change is an important cognitive variable that may provide the initial impetus and subsequent momentum for therapeutic involvement and gains.

The conversation around how schools can react to poverty typically centers around reduced breakfast and lunch programs. On a few occasions I have heard people express concern as to the access that poverty-affected students have to sports programs, band and other extra-curricular activities. I have never heard people discuss specifically how the grading of standardized homework is but one more hurdle for students living with poverty. I think the time has come.

It should be clear to just about anyone that this litany of hurdles would make completing homework difficult, if not impossible. To subject students to the grading of standardized, impersonal homework is questionable on so many levels, and I would argue that poverty-related challenges should be at the top of the list. When any student arrives with incomplete homework, we as educators can never be certain of the reasons. We should never assume that it is due to a lack of effort, but perhaps a safe assumption is that our most financially-challenged students have faced negative factors well beyond their control.

I have made a few presentations on what we can do differently on homework. A great model by a teacher in our school is to assign homework, suggest that people do it, but only monitor understanding through in-class quizzes and tests. He never grades homework.

Knowing the current approaches that are taken with homework and the completion rates, the following is a list of different homework that can be tried with classes (examples of these items can also be found here).

Another aspect of homework to consider is how you talk about homework to your students. Some teachers refer to this as practice as opposed to homework and as such, this can affect the quality and quantity of homework that is received. For a slightly different perspective, watch this video clip of Rick Wormeli talking about Homework vs. Practice.

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We are a small counseling and consulting business and are very committed to your privacy. We do not use your information for any purpose other than to serve you, our customers. We will not sell your information to third parties.

This week we are all chatting about our classroom homework policy. With the district that I am in right now, the grading policy is very straightforward. It ends up coming down to how I schedule my homework. I do what is easiest for me but still provides my students with practice.

For our district, homework is given to apply the knowledge they have gained from previously taught objectives. It is counted as a daily grade if taken for a grade. Our grading scale for secondary is simply 50% daily grades/50% test grades. I do take the liberty of putting quizzes on either of the scales depending on how important I think it is. We are required to have 7 daily and 3 test grades per 6 week recording period.

When it comes to the second time of filling out an Homework Excuse Slip in six weeks, I notify parents once again. This is where the documentation is key. If the student turned it in within the 2 day window the first time and does so this time, I stop there. If they received a 0 the previous time, then this time they will receive a detention. Since homework is due once a week I am hoping to not have to get to this step much this year as this has been adjusted since last year for me.

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Business consulting is the field of management wherein the students would get an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills that are required for them to evaluate business ideas as per the requirements given by the clients. The assignments that are given on business consulting would be helpful to test the critical thinking ability, problem-solving skill and consulting skills of a student. The students must submit the assignments flawlessly. If you are finding it tough to complete the assignments, you can seek the help of our experts. They come to your rescue to complete the assignment immaculately.

We offer business consulting assignment help to students who are pursuing this course in different colleges and universities globally. We charge a small fee for the students to write the assignment flawlessly and by addressing the requirements given by the professors. We draft the best business plan.

The Teaching Assistants are there to help you with your math assignments. Click on consulting hours to find out who is available when. Notice that the Teaching Assistants are listed according to which mathematics class they are assisting, and classes that cover similar material are grouped together. As a first choice, try to get help from a Teaching Assistant who is assisting a class that is grouped with your class. But failing that, another TA may be able to help you.

Prior research suggests therapists' assignmentof homework, and patients' compliance with it, enhancesthe efficacy of cognitive therapy (CT). However, factorscontributing to homework compliance have received scant empirical attention. This study examinedspecific demographic and clinical patient variables(age, education, number of previous depressive episodes,depression severity, and learned resourcefulness) and a variety of therapist skills (general,CT-specific, and homework-focused) as they predictedhomework compliance among 26 patients in a 20-session CTprotocol for major depression. Patients who were more compliant with homework exhibitedsignificantly greater treatment response on onedepression measure but not another. Homework compliancewas most strongly predicted by therapists' reviewinghomework assigned previously, and by general therapeuticskills. Patients' age, education, depression severity,and learned resourcefulness were unrelated tocompliance; however, number of previous episodes was negatively related to compliance.

Global Positioning Addison Insurance Consulting (AIC) is a 30-year-old company that specializes in providing small businesses with supplemental insurance benefits that aren't covered with normal insurance plans. AIC focuses on small businesses with 20 or fewer employees such as machine shops, law firms, account firms, and small restaurants. AIC has three sales representatives serving the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan market. Joe Morgan, AIC's founder, and current president, was the company's first salesperson. When the company grew to the point that Morgan had a hard time serving all of his accounts, he added Tom Foster as a sales representative. Morgan gave Foster 15 of his existing accounts and instructed him to go after potential customers not yet in contact with AIC. A few years later, Karen Seaver was hired as a sales representative and added in much the same fashion. Seaver was not quite as experienced as Foster, so Morgan and Foster turned over 20 accounts to Seaver, 10 each. She also was instructed to add new customers not already doing business with AIC. Both Karen Seaver and Tom Foster report directly to Joe Morgan. Of AIC's total sales volume, Joe Morgan accounted for approximately 60 percent. The remaining 40 percent was split evenly between Seaver and Foster. Seaver and Foster are paid a percentage of AIC?s billings to their clients. Current Situation Morgan is planning to retire in another year as a sales producer. In this so-called semi-retirement Morgan plans to continue as sales manager and president. Morgan has decided to bring in his son Tony as his replacement. Tony has no prior sales experience, so he will learn the business over the next three months, then step full-time into a sales role. Joe Morgan is gathering information that will help him decide how to design AIC's territories after he gives up his sales responsibilities. He is not comfortable turning over all of his accounts to his son, Tony. Although he is hard working, Tony is inexperienced in the insurance consulting industry. A recent graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati and a double major in Finance and Accounting, Tony has a goal of becoming president of AIC, then expanding company operations into other markets. Morgan has been contemplating the sales performance of Seaver and Foster. Both had been solid, dependable performers over the years, but Foster had recently slowed down a bit. While his sales volume compared favorably to Seaver's, Foster was selling in a higher potential sales territory. Further, he had a five-year head start on Seaver in developing new accounts, yet Seaver had brought in almost as much new business as Foster during the past year. Morgan had talked to Foster about the lack of sales growth in his territory but only heard excuses about why his sales had leveled off (i.e., slow economy). Foster promised to try harder to bring in new business. Morgan suspected that Foster was comfortable with his earnings and simply did not want to work much harder, even if he could make more money. After several weeks of analysis, Joe Morgan finally had a rough draft of a new territory design policy that would go into effect at the start of the next new quarter. The key points of the new policy are: Half of Joe Morgan?s accounts will be split between Tom Foster and Karen Seaver. Joe Morgan's remaining accounts will be assigned to Tony Morgan. After one year, sales territories will be redesigned so that the three territories will be comparable in terms of workload and sales potential. For the current year, AIC salespeople will continue to earn a commission based on AIC billings to their clients. After the sales territories are redesigned in a year, the commission rate for existing clients will be reduced, and a higher commission rate will be implemented for new accounts added within the past year. Joe Morgan distributed the draft plan to Karen, Tom, and Tony. Both Karen and Tom questioned the idea of assigning half of Joe's accounts to Tony. Tom came right to the point, saying, Look, Joe, he's your son and he will do just fine with some seasoning. But I think he ought to start with a smaller group of accounts. He'll learn the business a lot faster if he has to build it by adding his own accounts. Karen and Tom were also concerned that they would have some of Joe's former accounts for a year, and then lose them to Tony. Tony remained neutral on these issues, and voiced neither support nor opposition to the draft plan. 350c69d7ab


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