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Overlord II Episode 12

Return of the Overlord is the twelfth episode of the second season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 25th episode overall. It aired on Cartoon Network on November 14, 2012 in the United States.

Overlord II Episode 12

The anime will be available to watch on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Germany, and Ani-One Asia (for members only). Overlord season 4 is set to have a total of 13 episodes, which means that after the release of episode 12, we will only be left with the season finale.

In the meantime, Tina and Tia may be planning something since they share their poisoning lesson, as shown in the preview for the next episode. They claim that their three-step poisoning method could kill anyone instantly.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour after its release in Japan. The corresponding schedule in the United States would be:

Hosea lived in the tragic final days of the northern kingdom, during which six kings (following Jeroboam II) reigned within 25 years (2Ki 15:8 -- 17:6). Four (Zechariah, Shallum, Pekahiah, Pekah) were murdered by their successors while in office, and one (Hoshea) was captured in battle; only one (Menahem) was succeeded on the throne by his son. These kings, given to Israel by God "in anger" and taken away "in wrath" (13:11), floated away "like a twig on the surface of the waters" (10:7). "Bloodshed" followed "bloodshed" (4:2). Assyria was expanding westward, and Menahem accepted that world power as overlord and paid tribute (2Ki 15:19-20). But shortly afterward, in 733 b.c., Israel was dismembered by Assyria because of the intrigue of Pekah (who had gained Israel's throne by killing Pekahiah, Menahem's son and successor). Only the territories of Ephraim and western Manasseh were left to the king of Israel. Then, because of the disloyalty of Hoshea (Pekah's successor), Samaria was captured and its people exiled in 722-721, bringing the northern kingdom to an end.

The second problem of the book is the relation of ch. 3 to ch. 1. Despite the fact that no children are mentioned in ch. 3, some interpreters claim that the two chapters are different accounts of the same episode. The traditional interpretation, however, is more likely, namely, that ch. 3 is a sequel to ch. 1 -- i.e., after Gomer proved unfaithful, Hosea was instructed to take her back. 041b061a72


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