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Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

About Lorin Roche 
and Instinctive Meditation™

Dr. Lorin Roche began practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation in 1968. He will tell you that although he has been practicing, researching, and teaching meditation for 50+ years, he still feels like a beginner – every day. He lives in awe and wonders at the simple delights of daily life.  

Lorin is a pioneer in developing personalized meditation practices, designing techniques around an individual’s unique inner nature.


He is the founder of two related meditation systems: The Radiance Sutras®, which utilizes the richness of the Sanskrit language and is oriented toward the yoga community, and Instinctive Meditation™, an approach that uses common sense language and is customized to match one's individual nature.

For more information about Lorin, his books, and his teachings, visit

Christine Charest develop a meditation practice you love

Camille is a meditation mentor, dancer, and writer internationally renowned for her integrative energy practices and innovative performance training and co-author of Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace and Meditation 24/7 with her husband, Lorin Roche, Ph.D.  They are both on the faculty at Esalen in California and Kripalu in Massachusetts. 


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Camille Maurine
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